FAQs About Colorado NFA Trusts – Part III

I wanted to know about possibly moving to other states with your Colorado NFA trust / title II equipment. I understand that the Colorado NFA trust will not provide any legality in in terms of owning title II items if a state prohibits them, but say I move to a state that does allow title II. How difficult would it be to amend or file?


Guns N’ Trusts

Prior to July 1, 2013, funding a Colorado revocable trust with Title I firearms was easy and uncomplicated. A generic bill of sale transferring all of the Trust Maker’s (i.e., Settlor’s) personal property transfers any currently owned, Title I firearms and accessories.

FAQs About Colorado NFA Trusts

Frequently asked questions about Colorado NFA Trusts.

FAQs About Colorado NFA Trusts – Part II

More Frequently Asked Questions about Colorado NFA Trusts. Part II this time.

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Colorado NFA Firearms Trust

Do you need a Colorado Gun Trust of a Colorado Gun Trust Lawyer? There are certain restrictions and regulations that apply to the purchase and ownership of Title II Firearms, which are firearms regulated by the federal government pursuant to the National Firearms Act (“NFA)”). When individuals purchase a Title II Firearm, the Chief Law […]

Colorado Gun Laws

The Colorado State Patrol has published an FAQ page about Colorado gun laws.

National Firearms Act Trusts – NFA Trusts

So, you have never heard of an NFA Trust? A little history lesson may help you understand why NFA trusts exist and who creates NFA Trusts to hold Title II firearms.

Portability Of Colorado NFA Trusts – Can A Settlor Change States?

We are often asked whether a Colorado NFA Trust can be used in another state. Or, if the trust creator (Settlor) moves over the course of their life, can they keep the same trust or would they have to establish new a new NFA Trust in the new state and pay the $200 transfer fee per item? The short answer is yes, the person can usually keep their trust.

Colorado NFA Trusts – Adding And Removing Trustees

Another common question is how easy is it to change trustees of a Colorado NFA Trust.

Colorado NFA Trusts – Can Multiple People Can Possess The Title II Weapons?

We are often asked whether multiple people can legally possess a Title II weapon when held in a Colorado NFA Trust. The short answer is yes, by making those people trustees of the trust.