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Colorado Prenuptial Agreement

Colorado Prenuptial Agreement A Colorado prenuptial agreement allows couples to agree in advance about how property is to be split upon divorce. Without a Colorado prenuptial agreement, the Colorado courts decide how property will be divided upon divorce. Colorado is a separate property state. In a separate property state, property is typically “owned” by the […]



The death of the family matriarch or patriarch combined with a blended family or adopted children can become a financial and emotional disaster. Even the smallest dispute can result in large legal bills. The way to avoid the this financial disaster and deep emotional trauma is to forgive, and if you are the unforgiven, well, do your best to open the lines of communication and stay out of the courthouse. That said, the path of the unforgiven is often preordained.

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Marital Agreements

Pre or post marital agreements define the rights of each spouse in the event of divorce or death. Any couple with a marital agreement should have a will. Here is why.

Common Law Marriage

In this day and age of cohabitation instead of marriage, Colorado courts hear more and more claims of common law marriage. Determining whether a couple is common law husband and wife is not always easy. Any person cohabitating with another should ponder the question, “Are we married in the eyes of Colorado law?” Traditional Marriage […]

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Until Death Do Us Part, Even in Divorce

A broken marriage is a marriage overflowing with broken promises and misunderstandings. The last promises are those made in the divorce decree. While those promises, like others, are usually broken or misunderstood, many disgruntled ex-spouses are going to court to enforce the promises, or the promises as they remember them. However, the court is not […]