Colorado Deed Service: Colorado Real Estate Document Management Resource

Colorado Deed Service is a comprehensive real estate document management resource based in Colorado that provides the following services: Deed preparation and recording in Colorado. Colorado Deed Service can assist you in all your Colorado real estate document needs. Transfers of Colorado real estate into revocable trusts. Colorado Deed Service can manage the entire process […]

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Colorado Beneficiary Deeds: An Introduction

Beneficiary Designations and Beneficiary Deeds in Colorado Beneficiary designations have long been used to avoid probate upon death. Bank accounts, investment accounts, retirement accounts and life insurance can be transferred upon death by naming a beneficiary to the account or life insurance proceeds. However, when it comes to real estate, designating a beneficiary is not […]

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Beneficiary Deeds & Timeshares: A Perfect Fit?

Ancillary Probate Can Cause Thousands If a person dies owning real estate outside of their state of domicile, their heirs may needlessly pay thousands in ancillary probate expense. The expense of ancillary probate can be avoided by using a beneficiary deed, a trust or a company. Colorado probate is a legal process by which title […]