Estate Taxes and Real Estate in Sister States

Many Coloradoans are transplants from the East and West Coast. While Colorado does not have an estate tax or inheritance tax, other states do. You do not have to be a resident of these states to get clipped by the tax. All you need is real estate.

Real Estate Contract by Text Message? Are You Kidding?

Realtors negotiating price back and forth by text message may find themselves with some unhappy clients if not a lawsuit. The general rule in real estate is that all contracts for the sale of real estate must be in writing.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Land Transfers & Estate Planning in Foreign Jurisdictions

Understanding Local Colorado Real Estate Law Thinking about buying real estate in the Bahamas? Maybe a timeshare in Barbados? A quaint villa in the French West Indies? Well, before you do, you may want to research the local real property taxes, think about how this little piece of paradise fits into your overall estate plan […]


Colorado Residential Security Deposits Withheld For Normal Wear And Tear

Most landlords know the rule that residential security deposits cannot be withheld from a departing tenant without written notice. Many tenants receive written notice withholding a security deposit for what most would consider normal wear and tear. What can the tenant do?

Terminating a Timeshare Community

Timeshare ownership has seen its ups and downs over the years. In the current economy, many people who would like to sell their timeshare, can’t

Shackin’ Up & Breakin’ Up – Partition Actions

Unmarried couples sometimes go in together on a home purchase only to break up and then find out how hard it is to force their former partner to sell the home.


Recovering Damages Failure To Disclose Real Property Defects

With the downturn in the real estate market, some sellers are deciding not to disclose known problems with their home. More and more home buyers are taking sellers to court to recover damages for failing to disclose real property defects.


Using Colorado Beneficiary Deeds vs. Colorado Quitclaim Deeds To Avoid Probate: A Comparison

Many people try to avoid Colorado probate because of the perceived expense. To avoid a Colorado probate proceeding upon death, Colorado real and personal property must pass to the heirs by other means. In the case of real estate, Colorado quitclaim deeds (note: not Colorado quit claim deeds, as erroneously written at times) are often used. In most cases, however, the better alternative is a Colorado beneficiary deed.

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Homeowners Associations & Dues

Have a dispute with your beloved homeowner association? Thinking about withholding your dues or assessments in protest? Well, be careful. You may lose your real property in the process.

Landlords, Tenants & Security Deposits

With more and more people buying residential real estate for investment purposes, many novice landlords learn the hard way that keeping a security deposit can result in big trouble. Landlords must comply with Colorado’s Wrongful Withholding of Security Deposits Act (the “Act”). Read on and save yourself (or collect!) treble damages and attorneys fees. Colorado’s […]