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Recovering Nonprobate Assets to Pay Estate Claims

Many individuals avoid probate by using revocable trusts, payable on death designations and joint tenancy. When they die, their money quickly disappears leaving creditors with unpaid probate claims. However, there are ways to recover nonprobate assets from persons who receive those assets.


How to Collect A Child Support Judgment

Yes, he owes child support, and he owes a lot. Can that child support judgment be collected? For many single mothers in Colorado or other states, the answer is yes, but it is going to take some work. Here are some suggestions for turning that debt into hard currency…


Judgement Day: (Child Support Collection, Part II)

In a previous article, I wrote about how to collect a child support debt. After reading the article, I realized I left out a key element in collecting a child support debt, or any debt for that matter. The debt must be reduced to a Judgment. Child Support: Debt vs. Judgment A debt is very […]


The Ten Commandments for Collecting Child Support

As a private investigator for over twenty years, I have obviously worked on many divorce cases and issues to do with child custody. Although the terms are now more politically correct, such as “marital and family law,” “no fault dissolution,” “dissolution of marriage,” “custodial parent,” “spousal support,” the bottom line is the same: Separation, divorce, […]


Child Support: The Compound-Interest Debt That (Almost) Never Goes Away

Child Support Collection in Colorado Question: If a parent owes $250.00 per month in child support and does not pay for 17 years, how much is owed at the end of 17 years? Answer: In Colorado, about $175,000.00. The issue of unpaid child support and unsupported children is an important issue in the United States. […]

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Until Death Do Us Part, Even in Divorce

A broken marriage is a marriage overflowing with broken promises and misunderstandings. The last promises are those made in the divorce decree. While those promises, like others, are usually broken or misunderstood, many disgruntled ex-spouses are going to court to enforce the promises, or the promises as they remember them. However, the court is not […]