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Colorado Prenuptial Agreement

Colorado Prenuptial Agreement A Colorado prenuptial agreement allows couples to agree in advance about how property is to be split upon divorce. Without a Colorado prenuptial agreement, the Colorado courts decide how property will be divided upon divorce. Colorado is a separate property state. In a separate property state, property is typically “owned” by the […]


FAQs About Colorado NFA Trusts – Part III

I wanted to know about possibly moving to other states with your Colorado NFA trust / title II equipment. I understand that the Colorado NFA trust will not provide any legality in in terms of owning title II items if a state prohibits them, but say I move to a state that does allow title II. How difficult would it be to amend or file?


Stand Alone Retirement Account Trusts

I have been drafting estate plans for about twenty years. For about twenty years, I have successfully avoided making trusts the beneficiary of retirement accounts, save for a few occasions. However, recent federal court cases stripping the asset protection benefits of inherited Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) have put an end to that streak. Protecting retirement accounts from a beneficiary’s creditors requires a stand-alone retirement account trust.


Guns N’ Trusts

Prior to July 1, 2013, funding a Colorado revocable trust with Title I firearms was easy and uncomplicated. A generic bill of sale transferring all of the Trust Maker’s (i.e., Settlor’s) personal property transfers any currently owned, Title I firearms and accessories.

Redefining Basic Estate Planning

Over the past thirty years, much is changed in how we do just about everything. Doctors practice medicine much differently. Buildings are made with newly invented and better materials. The internet and cell phones have forever altered how we communicate and access information. But yet, ask a lawyer about a basic estate plan or simple will, and I bet the answer today is the same as it was 30 years ago. Perhaps it is time for some change to better protect even small amounts of family wealth.